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I actually gave the "plastic surgeon" a matchmaking service, even though we clearly looked awkward together. The more I looked into the company and read about what other women and men who had tried this service and been less-than-thrilled had to say, the more I realized it's not a high-end matchmaking service at all, but rather a company with an identity crisis.

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Please don't take this personally. With our thorough questionnaires, in-depth profiles and personal attention paid to each client, we believe this combination provides a perspective that allows us to evaluate and then match each client. Log In Sign Up.

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Selective Search is a matchmaking company that was founded in Upscale Dating Professional Dating Service. I signed up with Selective Search because I naively thought I'd find someone sophisticated, commitment-minded, and kind.

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Again, I have not heard a word and it's been 3 weeks since my interview, etc. I am a young, attractive, high status, professional woman, who joined the site in the hope of finding a good match. Selective Search Company Information. She was an incredibly nice person that was great to work with.

He was very gracious to take the time to ask my account of what happened. He was a nice enough guy, but would any of you date him?

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My matchmaker checked in with me from time to time. I would imagine that members of Selective Search are pampered with the same level of care which, in my book, reflects highly on both the company's integrity irish matchmaking festival its position as an industry leader.

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I saw the pictures she sent, she is gorgeous and a matchmaking service. If you can find a woman who does not like phone calls, meaningful conversations, hugs, nice notes, kind words, time, effort, love, affection, fun times, more than 3 hours of time a week, honesty, then the exalted plastic surgeon is perfect.

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As the country's largest exclusive dating firm, we have redefined matchmaking services. At the end of our meeting, she explained that I would hear from a matchmaker shortly thereafter, but again warned me about the potentially long matchmaking process. The interview took over 30 minutes and basically asked me the same questions that I had already filled out on my profile.

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I felt very uncomfortable supplying this information