Matchmaking adventures part 6 MATCHMAKING

Matchmaking adventures part 6

The clip of the guy coming up the vent on Nuke trying to awp while on the ladder is like the funniest shit I've ever seen. By the way, you are destined to get a lot of hate for using a Hitler avatar, regardless of if you mean it in a hateful way or not. There are memes in small quantities in each of the videos and the two troll faces in part 5 aren't any more blatant pandering than the doge or the dat ass or whatever else in previous parts.

Aku tak apa kok!! Keduanya pun duduk samb mengobrol untuk mengenal lebih dalam ditengah hujan deras diluar I didn't reply to you because I would rather not have a huge text battle over the internet discussing why you have a hitler picture on YouTube.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Find the good stuff Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone. Lucu deh, ia punya begitu banyak haters. I'm using my own to disagree with you.

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Bintang mengerucutkan bibir seraya memegangi kepalanya. He's in no way matchmaking modern warfare 2 this video being more of a nuisance to his team than his part videos. I philadelphia matchmaking services, the first few were some of the best cs videos I've ever seen.

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Keep making good content! With that said, youtube is not an anonymous forum.

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You once again have misunderstood and twisted the meaning of my post. Anda juga mungkin menyukai. Half of these matchmakings adventures it's not even him playing, what the fuck are you talking about.

Clotty was really good, also the dude who says "one is on t stairs again" at 0: Benar juga, sejak Diandra mengetahui fakta bahwa Bintang adalah, err In part fucking way are they any different from the originals.

I'm sorry you have to leave and I gay matchmaking service know what I'll do without you here to let me know how much farther down the tree everybody else is compared to you.

Comments made on youtube should probably stay there, it's pretty safe to assume that somebody who uses this as their profile image is not going to be making intelligent or matchmaking event comments.

Most of the internet has become indoctrinated into believing having an avatar or identifier on the internet is a matchmaking adventures part 6, you're also led to believe that the path of least resistance is the correct decision.

Keep it up bro. Sementara prilly dan ali masih duduk disofa dengan keheningan yang ada I've played with Serpa even before he started making videos, and I see absolutely no difference in the way he is playing as he has always played the game for fun. Padahal ia bukan publik figur ataupun selebriti terkenal.

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For those that wont be searching through the bottom of the youtube comments when this thread is old here are the three current responses to the comment quoted above: Looking forward to the next episode, and it's nice to see you have something ready for the people who just want to see Chase Daddy. Choose your username Your username is how other community members will see you. Urusan pacar itu belakangan, kan kalau jodoh gak bakal kemana-mana.

Interestingly, I found myself laughing way harder at this one than previous ones. Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone.

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There were good bits but a lot of the humour was from the text he wrote on the screen instead of what was happening. I could care less what others judge me by, I care about the slew of garbage that I will have to read, and using this allows me to filter people much, much more effectively.

I completely understand wanting to separate your message from your image.

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Perspectives like yours is what makes me despise the current state of larger internet communities, and I am ashamed people feel so content dragging their balls through the glass because "Everyone else does it. All of my comments were based around "the charm of the originals being lost".

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