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Obasanjo may be bad but he is the only Nigerian leader that has come out to speak proactively against corrupt leaders like Tinubu, Atiku and others who pose as democrats. It takes a man like OBJ to bring Nigeria to where we are today. That is not true.

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That cannot be denied. In any case, if the younger ones are corrupt, it is because of bad examples and leadership that the older ones laid downincluding himself, Annienih, Umaru Dikkos, that encourage corrupt corruption. Obj farm employed abut 20, This shameless man is a big thief, who stole even more than the people he mentioned.

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When Obasanjo sneezed the sex hookup website nation catches cold, no wonder he is ranked next to Nelson Mandela by the rest of the world. It is what it is and you either can point to or talk about your own accomplishments or not.

Inviting someone to give a talk, speech or address does not mean the person has to be a good, upright person, In the case of past leader like Obasanjo it gives us opportunity to have some insight casual hookup sites to what happened during his administration, how he and his people stole our money when the going was good and now denying them when the relationship has turned sour. The ICPC has not charged him for once on any document falsification issues.

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The forces against Nigeria and Africa are too many. Above quote from this news report by the Punch Reporters is an outright falsehood and mischievous attempt at misrepresenting historical facts — for which the Punch newspapers is becoming notorious for over its clear partisanship reporting.

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Oracle,you are a well rounded fool. The word stalking is an odd word. Our major problem in this Country is that our leaders are shameless, if not, Obasanjo suppose australian hookup sites cover his face in shame. He should stop his hypocrisy and keep quiet.

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Nigeria is not ready for Jonathan style and there is a reason for his style. Obj sold off most govt companies for peanut to his friends and fronts.

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What we need is a crop of selfless leaders devoid of etnic attachment but committed to bring the country at par with the developed countries of the world. I can go on and on. Friendite will need to work hard on its app in order to reach its potential and expand its user base. Google gives some indication: You are very hookup.

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Some of the most common questions being asked are: The bit about ending corruption is the singular most important thing that any Nigerian leader should work on and every other thing will fall in place.

Meanwhile, Ribadu looked the other way as the friends, relatives, cronies, political associates and girlfriends of OBJ robs Nigeria blind. What a blessed group.