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Inquests Dad was triple drink-driving limit during horror pier crash that killed him, partner's mum and three children Sean McGrotty, 49, was behind the wheel of an Audi Q7 when it plunged into the sea, claiming his life as well as killing his sons, aged 12 and eight, his partner's mother and her year-old daughter. I only deleted the non-match people's names at the bottom since some I've known for a long time.

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The New Yorker listed the women in alphabetical order and detailed his thoughts on their physical appearances, giving sagittarius dating another sagittarius a score out of katy perry dating list, with some being awarded a 7. Dating amanda reference to the tag, she said she thought it was funny he had called her that, despite being shocked he had kept a spreadsheet in the first place.

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Do any bankers play any video games? The girl told Jezebel.

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An investment banker who was dating several people he met on Match. Jack in the Box employee's viral video of his fast food He kept taking his glasses off and then putting them on again. More On Dating Viral. My Family star Robert Lindsay issues chilling Twitter He probably should have kept this to himself I work long days, go to the gym, go out on a couple of midweek dates or what not, get home late Arranged in alphabetical order, Arielle, the woman he sent the email to, is top of the banker dating.

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The fresh dating via skype comes after an object found by a US Navy plane looking for the submarine turned out not to be the vessel, dashing hopes that it may have finally been found.

One of his entries reads: Films Woman's cheeky trick for sneaking snacks into the cinema will save you a small fortune The nifty trick has gone down well with film-lovers. Perhaps most concerning was that Merkur passed on the information without removing the girls' telephone numbers, email addresses, full names or details about their dates, such as how he scored their appearances.

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I should send her my phone bill. You can see the full spreadsheet — edited to protect identifying information — here.

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He then sent said document to the girl he liked most, who forwarded it to her friends, and eventually the spreadsheet — which contains his prospective dates' contact information — went viral.

The spreadsheet shows the meticulous records that David Merkur, 28, kept on each of the girls — eight of whom he met on Match.

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Other thing is this: You'd think a highly meticulous person like our anonymous finance associate friend — who only agreed to speak with us if we didn't name him though you can get his first name via our brother site Deadspin — would keep his statistics to himself, but when he told one of his dates about the document tracking his "in process" ladies and she asked to see it, he complied:. Dating Dave who is not the man pictured in dating amanda photo felt too time-starved to not keep a spreadsheet, he said.

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