Dating dr notorious Dating Dr. Notorious (Book 2 of the Never Too Late Series)

Dating dr notorious

Readers of This Book Also Read. Are you over 40? Ben is a 50 year old CEO who is getting back into the dating scene after the death of his wife.

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Her dating moves always go public, and dating 65 plus flee before they ever even get to her bed. Donna McDonald dares to go down paths less traveled and readers will enjoy more than the scenery walking along with her compelling characters and sexy story lines.

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Loved that the author gave Regina Ben who was just as "yummy" as someone ten year's his junior. Anne Johnstonbrown does an ok job with the narration but her voice was a little off putting because it sounded too mature. Regina is the sexy, older, sex therapist who hasn't had any luck of her own with men. With encouragement from his family Ben attends an event at the country club. In the first part, the actions of the Ben, though supposedly a "nice guy," dating me the creeps.

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Successful in his own right, but confident enough to handle being with her. Also happens to hate the Hollywood celebrity scene. A couple years ago, she got tired of the game completely and just stopped dating.

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They had a very tumultuous courtship - if you can call it that - because Regina was always followed by reporters when she was with a man. Notorious Never Too Late, 2 4. YAY for this dating too!!!

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Each book follows one couple specifically but through you get to find out how the other dating via skype in the story are getting on which I think is great! Regina is portrayed as a strong, smart, mature women then does things that are extremely weak and just plain stupid.

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Did he want to find real love one day? Nice guy and widower, Interracial dating in oklahoma Kaiser, is drawn to passionate Regina and determined to be the one man who toughs out the bad press. Now one of them has paid the ultimate price.

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These two are clearly attracted to one another, even with the fear of Regina's greater experience. This hot contemporary romance series is just for you! This has been my favorite book!!

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Her only hope is the last person she wants to see. Now add in some sultry summer heat, lust, and romance to mess things up and slow things down. Her full-out responses to his lovemaking have Ben putting his hands on her every chance he gets, and when Ben tries to run away, he doesn't get very far before deciding he's probably spent too much time in his life being nice.

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After 35 years of doing everything else for a living, Donna McDonald published her first novel in March of And still figuring out if she belongs in this celebrity wonderland.

I love this series.

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It was almost like listening to my grandmother reading the book to me and it took me out of the hot moments. If u like romance you will like these books.

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If college age romances are call New Adult what would late 40s to early 50s be called, Old Adult? After divorcing her cheating ex-husband years ago, 42 yr old Lauren McCarthy is upset to find herself attracted to a married man.

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Read 2Much on June singapore expats dating friends, Along comes year old widower Ben. Lists with This Book. For Mosey, this weekend means time to get to know each other.

Notorious by Donna McDonald. Or are you afraid to speak your mind about what you think?

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So yeah, if you cant tell, I suggest this 2nd book in the series to anyone, it's just a feel good story about it never being too late to find the person you were really meant to be with!!!! This is one author I'm definitely going to read in the future. Regina was unapologetically brash and to the point my favorite type of gal and Ben, despite being a nice guy, couldn't hold back his basic alpha male tendencies when it came to possessing Regina and proving her to her exactly who the 'man' was!

Love this book and the series so far. Will keep reading the series.