My daughter is dating a muslim Mom Worries Because Navy Daughter Is Dating a Muslim

My daughter is dating a muslim, i just found out my daughter is dating a muslim

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Probably I got a good beating once a year. Her praying mother agrees. She knows how I feel.

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Yes, three times I tried to leave. Since that time, we have conversed less.

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Her column has appeared in the Washington D. Absolutely, but he kept telling me it was the same God, just a different language, that Allah was the same God as the God I served.

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More in Boyfriends and Girlfriends In need of relationship advice Does penetration by mistake constitutes zina? Mods, please deleate this thread.

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Before we got married we talked about every possible scenario. But when I tried to break up with him, he didnt want it to end.

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She liked jewelry, so I bought cross necklaces to instruct her with concrete objects. It may well not be the boy that is the motivation to stay in a relationship, so much as the feelings of security and affirmation. Dating boise idaho too married a muslim man! You may be like me.

Re: I just found out my daughter is dating a muslim

I thought that Muslims were Ali Baba and the 40 thieves and the magic carpet ride. The lights went on and the veil was taken off.

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Pray for our my daughters is dating interracial dating sa muslim and our churches that the next generation will not take for granted what it has been taught. Id become a Muslim. I loved him because he was different from my ex's. He is very passionate about his religion. There are many rules for Muslims and religiously speaking he is doing so many things wrong that I wouldn't worry yourself.

The whole wedding was done in Arabic. All hell just broke loose in my family, and I could really use your help.

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If I knew your identity I would report you to the police instantly. He was from a different culture, and being a Western hating communist liberal I thought that was very cool. She is becoming dating by dishes legal age an adult and beating her over with your disagreement is not going to change her to not date him or suddently leave her disinterest at the door. Skip to main content. He will not let me go. Hmm… so at what point does a woman or anyone start rejecting people due to the prevalence of behavior within a group?

Theres no evangelistic dating. You had to leave the house? What did you buy?

More in Teenagers Issues 18 and in love, is it wrong to talk to her? This is your last chance to fulfill your duties given by Allah to guide her rightly. Why do we hate?

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Do you have any communication with him at all? More in Parent child problems Consistent failure. Sometimes the girls bring it up, like when I only tried dating tell them about rainbows. Where does Islam fall on that? However it didn't work out and now we have a son who doesnt want to be a muslim who has told his dad so.