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Vegan dating toronto

I have a tendency to live inside my own head I'm an INTP, if you're familiar with the Myers-Briggs system of personality typingand I enjoy regular dating 33 stimulation.

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I love the city and the country equally. I try to live a simple apporach to life new age dating uk enjoy all of the little things.

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I'm interested in dating someone with any kind of vegetarian vegan dating. I try and live a balanced lifestyle.

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Jake is a 27 year old, Catholic toronto. National Geographic - Nova.

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I realized it can be difficult to date non veg. Living in GuelphOntario Vegetarian diet.

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I'm healthy, happy, sincere, kind, eclectic, university educated with post graduate studies and have enjoyed a vegetarian lifestyle for over 30 yrs. I like simple pleasures like dinning out, walking, bicycling, watching a movie, I play the guitar and sing along.

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I am a creative professional who is striving to use my talents to make a difference. As I have gotten older I'm much more tolerant and liberal in my point of views. I love getting lost in strange places and finding my way out again.

I love my family, and God comes first. I've been a vegan all my life since I was a baby and It was a personal choice that has always felt right and brings me great joy.

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I've been vegan for 8 years. Few things about myself: Pranay is a 38 year old, spiritual toronto. Relationship wise I am very affectionate.

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I have taken training in expressive art therapy and play therapy and this is what i do for a living. I am an athletic build.

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I love smiles, smirks, grins, pouts, snarls, kisses, glances, stares and everything in between. One of my favourite memories is riding my bike to school alongside my brother in the winter. You should message me if. I hope this is enough information to give you a glimpse of who I am.