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This is another site run by the people behind HornyAffairs. Your public bulletin board is a sham of biased information designed implicitly to promote your own commercial interests.

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May 30, at All in all, here is what we can conclude about this site:. Although the dating center xmeeting looks genuine and real, we immediately had some doubts. Take a look in the dating sugarmummy sir.

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As you can read in this excerpt, XMeeting. This site is involved in the creation of fake dating profiles.

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April 21, at 4: I got two messages from a cute girl that seems to good to be true. Feel free to use the comments section below to post your questions about any uncertainties or to share your personal experiences with XMeeting.

These people may only be doing their job, but they will never tell you that they are actually running a scam and stringing you along.

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This basically confirms my suspicions. Been investageting this site for last couple of years.

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Rather, its just a sham of partisanship and hypocrisy. If you are wondering why Dating simulations. This is my first dip in the Internet dating scene, it was a spur of the moment decision. May 5, at All you guys have is an online form with no address on it. If you were to click on any of the photographs of the women who supposedly viewed our profile it would take you to their profile which is completely fabricated, this includes age and location of the girl and all other photographs in that profile.

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And XMeeting creates fake profiles. They just can't be 24 hours online.

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Such developped english can have only our foreign working deputates at Bruxelles… Meanwhile it turned out that these women are onle 24 hours from This site throws every scam they can at you so they can make a profit off of your ignorance. November 4, at 3: You guys are hyocrites just internet trolling other sites.

I forget what even led me to Xmeeting, but I made a free profile last week.

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Or you get paid to do seo work for them? This part from the terms of use page tells you explicitly that no one is actually communicating with you, no one likes your profile, and no one is sending you chat or email messages.

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Logically it doesn't make any sense that these women would need to use a dating service in order to meet men for fun. Since there is a lot of fuss on the internet about a site called XMeeting. Why would any dating site create fake profiles?

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All the allegations that we have stated above can be backed up with real evidence.