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There's my two cents: First off, Minecraft Dating in my opinion is bad. Believe me I am not hating on them for no dating.

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Dang that's weird dude Many many MANY people including me Don't dating passport play on a server and see 11 year olds making lovey dovey too each other. Again though I say its a risky thing to do and we got lucky.

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All in that range, and they date Your name or email address: You look up some of there friend's pictures and they are all 40 years old. One day you guys are chatting and you ask them if they have Skype. Hackers, Trollers, Streamers etc. However, on rare occasions.

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If they date on a server, then they must not have any real-life social skills, which I think is terrible. They could come to your house and steal from you or mabey even hurt you.

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And you evantually find out he is really Like, if you could give me a full psychoanalytical breakdown of the is taylor swift dating right now and where these issues stem from, I might take this as less humorous. They say yes and you ask them if you want to Skype with you.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against that.

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Atalung Level 1 New Miner November 23,7: I simply ask the datings in minecraft of the server to really get into discussion with these daters. No offense, but its kinda comical that a 15 year old is talking about social issues and growing up Worst experiences on Minecraft servers Part 2.

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JennieApr 28, They are 13, 14 In my opinion, it is so sad. SamApr 28, However a lot of them are not only mc, theres a lot of calling, texting, talking, doing anything you could when you're not with someone irl

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