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Out of 3 dates in a month: Once you are a client the process is quite easy… they select matches for you and also set the dates up so you just need to show up basically.

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These guys don't have enough members in their dating service to satisfy the paying public and all the referrals get drawn from a hat that's why the people are so wrong for me From April 22nd up to April 17th. Leave the hunting to us! My advice, please save your money Do not sign up for Executive Dating Service.

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In addition, one of the date mentioned that ESD call him and almost beg him to meet women as he is not a paying member How We Headhunt ESD matches you with our large database of local single professionals AND with headhunts who we proactively find and carefully screen just for you. I understand your frustration, but you were not guaranteed anything. I am very attractive and at least on the internet you meet plenty of men and several sites are FREE. These guys are in it for themselves and to get rich.

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Other people dont care about what exactly you are looking for, even if you pay them. And to think I wasn't even that picky.

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I thought it was fair as he was responding to my concerns. They also have not replied to my last email, to address my concerns. Shoppers Drug Mart 38 customer service of emma and jenna.

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Do you think they care about you So I started talking to friends and colleagues about how I was basically ripped off by Executive Search Dating and they all suggested the same thing, cut your ties and cancel dating midlands membership with them.

Be more careful with your hard-earned money. Why establish my preferences if they are not going to be considered at all? This would make sense IF the matchmaker wasn't so rude!

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The guys were nice - really, nothing wrong with anyone, but not my type at all. In one case, I was set up with a guy whose type was the exact opposite of me. What a waste of my money.

For instance I told them I preferred women who were at least 5'-6" tall since I am tall, they kept matching me with women who were 5'-2"? They just sign you up.

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After the 3 dates which after the 1st one, I did not feel to go on any other. Executive Search Dating - Vancouver. These people are just such a show! There had to be a executive intelligent way to dating cost Some of the matches were completely off-base. Proactive Vancouver matchmakers for busy singles.

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I gave them detailed information on what my criteria is, nothing too ambitious All they could tell me was how attractive I was and how easy it would be to match me up.

It was terrible, I was executive search dating cost with women who I had nothing in common one or met any of my criteria? Company is a scam. Therefore, dating attraction complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.

The search was terrible, they would call me about a suitable match, I would give them some dates that Dating dunbar was available, a few days would go by and I would never hear back from them again about the so-called "suitable match"?

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They have much much much better customer service, and none of the BS! When I mentioned that I did not want to persue this further, I was told there is no refund.

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Executive Search Dating - False Pretenses [1]. If you do sign up with other dating services that you pay for, do note that some close their doors dating ads in newspapers