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So if you have some old jars, how do you know their true age?

Some of the half gallon jars have a texture in the glass at the top and around the lower couple of inches. I have looked at your description of how Ball was written and I have one that is and two are This book is no longer is print but you can get descriptions and basic values of your jars.

Ball Bros was based in Muncie, Indiana. In canning jars, Ball used this patent date on their jars well into the s, so this year cannot be used to accurately date a Ball jar. What a truly cool thing to collect, in my opinion!

May 5, at 7: I have some canning jars with the wire closure.

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The natural color of glass, when blown, ukrainian dating culture aqua due to the iron content in the canning jars used. The circular marks on the base of some older Ball mason jars are mark that were made during production. May 11, at 3: When a jar is found with its original closure, it will be more valuable than when it isn't.

Article Info Featured Article Categories: Your experiences indicating the old jars as more sturdy and less prone to breakage gives clues as to why so many of the older Ball Perfect Mason jars are still around! Not Helpful 2 Helpful msn dating login.

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June 13, at 9: How do i know if they are repros? How old is it?

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What would this time be if you know? Exposure to sunlight though caused the glass to turn purple.

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The glass has several large bubbles and the writing is very faint it does not protrude as far off the glass as others. There are various shades and tints of these colors out there.

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The shape of the jar is nothing like the shape of the Ball jars. Your guess is as good as mine.

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Oct 30, Messages: Here are some tips to help you figure the age of your jar:. Thank you so much for the information on dating Ball jars!

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I have a couple dozen, quarts and pints, Ball Perfect Mason, 14J. Among them dating several Blue or Aqua?

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Canning jars come in a variety of colors besides clear glass. Do you have some old mason jars around your home? Thousands of canning jars were embossed with the Mason patent date, November 30, Hi Chip, They sound like typical Ball jars that were made in very large numbers, and although they are old and considered collectible, since they are common they have only minor value to collectors, perhaps 1 to 3 dollars apiece in good condition.

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