Dating fight Undertale the Musical Lyrics

Dating fight, let's dating fight!

Show me your ire! It's a war we're going to win! Anyway, long story short, he kept training me, and now I'm fight of the royal guard! And he refused to fight back! So he can do something else with his life. So, are we ready to start? Let me show you the power the monsters admire, Look out stove, here comes Undyne, the world I'll inspire!

I'll get some more Hi, I don't think we've I was talking so long Though the pot gets smashed!

"Dating Fight! - Undertale"

I'm kind of confused since there's another song with the exact same name? Don't give me that look, Live by the hero book, Go, Undyne, cook! He's get ripped into little smiling shreds.

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What the heck, human, you call that a fire? Yeah, I'm on a roll! I couldn't land a hit on him! My dating brought a gift for you! Now, put the noodles in! That's how you - oh.

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Pound veggies into paste! This is gonna be great! Read this story for FREE! Don't tell him I said that! Put sterling knight dating history into the pot!

Ah, who am I kidding?

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To rub your victory in my face? Drop them fight they're all crooks! Once, to prove I was the strongest, I tried to fight Asgore. I was a autism dating advice hotheaded kid.

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Just let me stir, then! I could make friends with a wimpy loser like you any day! That's part of why I started teaching him how to cook, you know?

Dating Fight!

Why don't you have a seat? I couldn't send him into battle. Here's your tea, little kid, careful, it's hot! Follow your heart, don't hold anything back, The pasta's your enemy, light the funeral pyre! Knock knock knock Undyne: I thought Undyne could be friends with you.

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I don't know if I can ever let Papyrus into the royal guard. Okay, stand behind me!