Nation of islam dating rules Dating a practicing Muslim/Nation of Islam man...

Nation of islam dating rules, how do muslims go about choosing a spouse?

To the Nation, which believes the black race is the source of all good, intimate contact between black men and white women leads to vice phone dating chat lines corruption. I put the brakes on the whole conversation. Women have a domestic role as child bearers.

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Join or log in to Facebook. I don't agree with the stories The Nation tells, but they are Muslims to me the same that Shiite and Sunnis are. But when I encountered my first Christian men, they sounded a lot like what your guy and I thought all Christians were that way. Therefore, his conversation will follow his thoughts. I was sad though, he was really nice and so fine.

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It is a well known fact that Muslims do not eat pork. I couldn't fuck with them at all. In my years as a member of the Nation of Islam, I have heard a few try to justify their going out of our culture to have relationships with non Muslim women and have tried to convince me to do the same.

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If I see them dating a non Muslim women, its usually not with the intention of getting married. PEace You cant be a good muslim if you are not decent and have a cold heart. They ususlaly will eventually settle down with a Muslim woman.

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Our slavery experience in America was one of the most destructive experiences any human being has experienced in the annals of history. Nation of Islam are in no way islamic. May 31, 7. How to Stop Comforting Yourself with Religion rarely has anything to do with a man's character.

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I've seen them completely curse out their husbands in broad daylight like they were a 2 year old and the husband was the one being seen and not heard. You must log in or sign up to nation of islam dating rules here. I would thank this brother, really.

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Remember what intermarriage did for the people of Moses inMedian and elsewhere wherever they mixed with foreign people? Black families have to produce numerous children to compensate for the deaths suffered during slavery.

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Based on those 3 red flags they really have nothing to do with his faith. Nation of Interracial dating comments vs Christianity This is not going to work May 31, 1. Because we speak nation of islam dating rules You believe in one doctorine and he believes in something totally contradictory. Black Muslims regard birth control and sterilization as socially engineered genocide.

So the scenario was thrown out there, if we're in a relationship and I catch him cheating, he doesn't feel he has to explain himself to me? So if you have a loving, respectful couple then that's how they act.

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That's how they really feel about women. Therefore, a striving FOI should desire a similarly striving woman in what he believes. Your name or email address: I'm Christian, so I already know we are going to have some different outlooks on life from the jump.

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As far as Black American Muslims they're a little more "American" and interact how we normally do. He said some other off the wall shit, but basically he pretty much presented this situation like There is a family of Muslims in the Bay that are a bunch of criminals and con men.

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Ok I'll share my opinion OP Its true NOI and traditional Islam have two very different beliefs In Islam, women are actually respected, one islamic scholar said that if men dating pregnancy ultrasound the value of women in Islam, he'd wish he was born female now we have the arab culture that people confuse for islamic culture.

OP whether they are Muslim or Christian, if they're closed minded then their chosen religion doesn't matter. Knowing a man's true character in terms of his faith usually takes time. And what that guy was saying has nothing to do with actual Orthodox Sunni Islam. Courahip is announced in the mosque so that everyone knows. I have no patience to deal with this.

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Furthermore, I am a catholic I date atheists but I have a hard time with people of other faith.