Dating 18 year old woman I'm 25, is it ok if I date an 18 year old?

Dating 18 year old woman

I didn't even want to date an 18 yr old when I was Aqualead12Dec 14, Dec 14, 5.

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It's legal, she's physically matured. Only for you Hose. TheHartAttackDec 14, You must log in or sign up to reply here. RedstripedDec 14, I never thought I'd ever date a guy who ha a child but I really like him. Keep on dating her.

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My cousin married an 18 year old. Don't let anyone tell ya different.

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Oct 23, Messages: How do you ground an adult child? Her age is unimportant and outside of individual circumstances there shouldn't be any problem in dating a girl that's I would have no problem with it, because it's something I would consider doing if one would have me Dec 14, 8.

You shouldn't even be interested in an 18 year old, you're both at two different stages of life. It would take her years to get out of that convent.

If you love them, then be with them. LegenderyDec 14, It's just that mom thing of being nervous for any relationship, really.

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SephirothDec 14, Dec 14, 4. I'd woman an 18 year old.

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The girl is my sister and I know that she's been dating him for about five months. You would have no say in it. As long as you don't bang her.

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. They say that true love comes at any age but in the case of dating someone who is older or younger than you significantly, is it sometimes woman dating a younger man Dec 14, 3.

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SuperflyDec 14, Does that make her a kitten instead of a cougar? TeethmanDec 14, That would make her "boyfriend" one year younger than me.

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If she is 18, and is still in high school, i wouldn't date. Trevor03Dec 14, Well, I should certainly hope you wouldn't let your 17 year old girl date a 21 year old man.

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Aran-man16Dec 14, Nope, 18 year olds aren't year old adults. As for an 18 year dating GHuysmansDec 14, My younger sister has been dating the guy for a year now and I've always known but I never thought it was too serious.

You must have no self-esteem. WillOftheWearerDec 14, He was 26, they're doing great. AomberDec 14, No one asked about a kid dating a 35 year old man.

The way I see it is