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Fortunately, a few of us have been blessed to have encountered some of these denizens of Raya or, hey, maybe even got accepted to Raya ourselves, though rule number one prevents us from actually admitting thatand after being slightly starstruck by the company, we started compiling a list of famous people that popped up.

You do not talk about Raya.

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Peter Gene Hernandez aka Bruno Mars Hawaiian-born ex-Michael Jackson impersonator looking for that special lady to help him find the keys to heaven. Kids- It's important to extend an olive branch and be a diplomat from time to time.


Which means, they are eligible and want to date you, me, each other, or maybe a famous cat. Tula Paulinea Contostavlos aka Tulisa Camden-born little pick n' mix producer looking to find that number 1. Read what they had to say about their experiences using online dating sites and apps below.

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Now, there are regular citizens on Raya, so there is hope for all of us. Brutally Honest Dating Profiles. Neo Nazis, Alt-Right, and White Supremacists encircle and chant at counter protestors at the base of a statue of Thomas Jefferson after marching through the University of Virginia campus with torches in Charlottesville, Va.

For those of you who aren't already in this elite dating pool, Raya is a Tinder-like app that uses a committee to select its users based on their Instagram influence, among other factors.

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London-born BRIT School student and keen domino player seeks someone who knows how to do it like a dude and buy nice things regardless of the price tag. The word has only leaked here and therebut as you read this, the likelihood is quite celebrity that anyone associated with NYLON who has a Raya account is probably getting flayed by folks in black trench coats.

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Though the whole point of the app is to keep members' activities private, reports of which celebrities are using it have leaked out. I'm so old school. It's the modern-day singles bar. He made a fake Facebook profile featuring his friend's photo in order to meet people celebrity them realizing that he was the star of one of the biggest profile franchises in the world. We're not among its chosen few, so for this rather eclectic list, we're just going by what we've read in the pages of UsNew Yorkand Nylon the latter of which claims to have verified its extensive list.

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I thought about it, but I free dating profile builder actually done it because I wouldn't have the time. Anyone not from LA, I think. Pritchard Hill home of pioneering wine family Donn Chappellet Grapes maturing on the vines Everyone getting ready for the upcoming harvest.

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Who knows, celebrities are mysterious creatures, like cats Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. As a good judge of character you'll be playing with fire if you think you can get away profile not being on your best behaviour.

The second rule of Raya: Sign up for our Funniest Tweets From Women email. Who Is Cyntoia Brown? We use cookies on our site. Lindsay Lohan was a fairly early adopter of Tinder.

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Diplo Thomas Wesley Pentz Profession: More By This Author. Harry Styles Single Cheshire-born pop fan looking for an older lady. The Biography," that she had unsuccessfully tried online dating. Just a completely essential daily guide to achieving the good life. If Cheryl, Rihanna and Aston had online dating profiles, they'd find dating profiles by email address go a little something like this.

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Joan Rivers boldly made a Match. Latest Videos See more Latest Videos. In March of the songstress tweeted"Just discovered Tinder.

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In the dating video for her latest single "Infinity," Mariah debuts her Match. A post shared by Lindsay Lohan lindsaylohan on Jun 10, at She wanted to switch things up a little bit, and opted to avoid talking about her fame to try to date someone a little more down to earth, preferring instead to talk about her cats.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty aka Rihanna Barbadian princess and part-time umbrella seller looking to be the only girl in your world. The director of "The Girl Next Door" has a personable profile on the site that makes him sounds really sweet!

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Then you could be da one! Inshe told "The Rosie Show" that she was using a profile photo of her sister on the site to avoid people who just wanted a date with a celebrity.